We disappeared for a while there, but now we're back! Bigger, longer, thicker and harder then before!
You may be asking yourselves why the new blog and added identity, the last blog wasn't as serious (and I'm using the term 'serious' very loosely) as I wanted it to be, while it had everything I wanted to portray and share with alla ya'll about what a retarded teen (I have FULL right to use the word TEEN for another few months, thanks!) get's up too and does with her spare time, I had to sit back and ask myself, "Where do I wanna go with this*?" "What the hell am I gonna do with this*?" and "HOW AM I GONNA MAKE THIS* WORK FOR ME????!!" I still haven't come up with the best possible answers there, but what I can tell you is, there is so much going on right now, I'm talkin' the fashion industry, I'm talkin' ALL kinds of art, I'm talkin' shit loads of new and old music, culture, lifestyle..EVERYTHING! There's this huge creative ocean where all these amazing talents swim and frolic about having the time of their lives dishing out pieces and collections that constantly blow my mind and the minds of others, but instead of just watching in absolute awe I've decided I'm gonna pack my beach towel, lather on the sun screen and get in it with the best of 'em, We want to learn about it all and get amongst it. BUT I've still got my floaties on and can't do it alone, that's why I am so grateful to have someone as like minded as I am, someone craving the same future, the same wants, someone I have known all my life that has so much ability, drive and talent and actually wants to be apart of the label and change it up for the better. (How blessed does someone have to be?! I hit the fucking jackpot!) Ben is already an established costume designer, wig commissioner, and blogger. Like I said I am so grateful to have someone like him on my side and I hope I can only measure up to his unbelievable skill and expertise.
Our worlds are so different yet our dreams and goals are exactly the same, so what more do we need? We're joining forces and CVNT is our engine of choice, welcome and we hope you stick around!

We don't want to completely forget about the last CVNT however, it's still the same, so before we welcome our new beginnings, here is a montage of what we've done, what we do, what we're into and basically what we're all about.

(This* meaning my life, le blog, shit in general)


  1. Omg - I freaking love all of these images. So inspiring. Rock that light blue wig, girl. (I'm a wig girl also!)

  2. So excited to be back inside your warm, wet, sacred lil' piece of the internet... And I look forward to more COOL SHIT!!
    Love you to bits,

  3. um i love you
    no no
    anyone who wears creepers are my heros anyhoo!

  4. i could have sworn i commented on your reappearance. but thank god you're back. i swear, what kept me here were those killer rings & shoes, and i'm here to stay and watch the both of you unfold :)