I'm soooo sooorry

Here is a picture of a vagina bike my friend Mat gave to me.

I would like to start with an apology, I am so very sorry I haven't been updating CVNT, (I am now one of those who thinks they are popular enough to comment on the frequency of their blog postings...Or lack there of.) I've actually been very busy lately- so much work, preparing for my big move, spending as much time with my family, BOYFRIEND ( :D :D ) and friends all the while trying to save money and enjoy the last few weeks I have left here on the Gold Coast.
Remember when I said I wanna frolic and be apart of that great big ocean of unbelievable talent and creativity? Well I've been given the opportunity to get amongst it, and I'm jumping at the chance, but that means I've had to neglect (very unwillingly, I'll have you know) my designs and my making shit for now, but in a little bit I'll be in a completely different world, new surroundings, influences...A completely different lifestyle! It will be magnificent! That's when I'll be able to do my thanng with a little more frequency and p'zaz! In the meantime I'ma keep drawing, pocketing away little bits and pieces for alla ya'll, so get to your bedrooms, undress yourselves with lightening speed, lube yourselves up and be waitin' for me..'Cause I'ma coming, and I'm gon' make you screeeam!!


  1. this post actually made me so excited

  2. u crack me...that photo is nasty but made me laugh...good luck to you!
    Hot Pink Day