So, I have this amazing designer friend, Kitty. When he isn't busy sewing, creating and starring in unreal cosplay outfits for lead conventions, he's designing and creating his own masterpieces. And I'm quite the lucky lady today as he'd given me two pieces to showcase before he launches his own label, Saint Benjamin.

The first incred item is an unreal two tone tie dyed sweater with a dome spiked neckline. It's a slinky cotton and fleece sweat. Fits a medium but can be worn as a loose small or a tight large. The chest of the sweater bares a cross labelled 'Saint' for all those devilish anti's out there! I wear mine with AA disco pants, printed jeans, spiked collar and my chunky boots, Or my netball skirt, thigh highs and my goth knee high boots! Woo! This one off, one of a kind bad boy is selling for only $65! With free shipping world wide so it really is worth getting in quick!



The second killer piece is a large 22cm long adjustable chain bracelet drenched in silver crosses. What I love so much about this murderous little number is it's lashings of crosses (lol) something you can't find everywhere. (Usually you see small splashes of embellishments and charms, BUT NOT HERE! OTT BABY!) Such a good item to showcase by itself on the wrist, or continue on with the OTT look and layer with ALL your jewels!(As well as what your mothers jewellery! And your fathers, if he's into that)
This one off beauty is selling for $35 again, with free world wide shipping and I can guarantee it's not gonna last long!!

To buy any of these items or general inquiries about any of these items, please message myself here, or directly message Kitty at; !!!

I'll be sure to keep everyone posted with the official launch of Saint Benjamin, It's going to be E.X.C.I.T.I.N.G!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned and thanks a bunch!