(Lets completely bypass my lack of postings again, I've got so much shit on at the moment school/studying/moving house/starting work/(trying to) save money for going overseas/getting my cvnt serious, that it's actually been quite hard to update! And I'm bored of outfit posts- I don't feel like my outfits are good enough to put on the net for y'all! SOOO in turn the blog is severely lacking attention. I don't even know if everyone is still interested anymore! (PLEASE STAY INTERESTED! PLEASE LOVE ME!!)
Alright, back to the point, lets move on!)

I've been looking for a really thick plastic(y) looking pair of black latex/pvc pants for a while now, I really dig the baggy latex goth style of pants you can find on ebay, I'll eventually get a pair of those to wear with skanky tops but to me, that's a completely different look than what I'm after. I'm wanting the tight latex fuckers that you've got to squeeeeze into, and I found them. The Filles A Papa 'Cybil Metal Zipper Vinyl Leggings' are the closest thing I found to what I'm looking for, and even though they say they are a legging, I still see them more of a pant as they have that awesome crinkle at the ankle and HOLD TIGHT on the whole leg, they hardly move while wearing them and don't hug the bottom of your calf or ankle.
I'm not the greatest fan of leggings, and I know you can find a sea of wet look leggings on ebay and blackmilk but they just don't have the same make/fabric/effect/hold on your body like pants do.
But, along with everything I've ever wanted ever, they cost a lot of money!!!!
The FAP 'leggings' are $199, but is this the standard price for pants nowadays or is it just me? I mean, I know you have to take into account fabrication, paying the poor little Asian children for manufacturing and production blah blah blah, but that's just so much money to me now!! I must be doing something wrong!


After searching online for something cheaper, I found two alternatives, these are from an ebay seller in China and I think with a bit of work (they are classed a 'pantyhose' as they have full socks at the feet!)I guess I'd just cut and make my own foot holes and use the excess fabric to pull and crinkle up around the ankle. They are as high waisted which is always a bonus BUT have a full zip that zips all the way down past the crotch onto the back of the pants (stopping at your butt) And with the way the model is standing- feet wide apart and not in a normal stance, I can't help but think, when you put your feet together, or just casually walk, that zip and latex would bunch up around the crotch and give an awful camel toe effect!!!! NO THANKS! (If I had a dollar for every time I had to worry about a camel toe with my tight pants, I'd be fucking rich!) So...these...aren't really winning my vote!

So then there's the baggier, goth pants that are also on ebay. I do really like these and the more I look at them I think I should just grab 'em in my size and be done with it...
They are proper pants, have that crinkle around the ankle BUT wouldn't take ages to squeeeeeeeze into, they look like they'd just glide on and you'd be done with it!!!

So, all in all I am asking, am I being too particular about this? Are you all reading this thinking, "Fuck this bitch has WAY too much time on her hands wondering about enough crinkle at the ankle!" Should I just shut up and buy the second favorites?
Have you guys ever had this problem before? How did you solve it? (Without making your own, I really can't be bothered!)And do you agree that clothing is getting more expensive or has it always been this way?

AAAAAAAANYWAY. That's a problem I'm currently facing, I've asked my boyfriend a million times to help, he just thinks they all look the same!

Better posts up soon, I promise!

Peace, love and cum shots.


  1. AGREED!! It's ridic the prices on stuff especially when you think it's made by the poor little kids in Asia, and they'd hardly be getting a cent of it :( however, those pants are a amazzzZzzing. I've missed reading your posts Rhi!! <3


  3. I agree... Those trousers (sorry, pants) have cost them so little to manufacture then Filles A Papa sold them for wholesale to Dolls Kill so they make their profit, then Dolls Kill have to sell them for enough so that they get a good chunk too...BUT DEM CHUNKS TOO BIG. Ridic price considering the manufacture price.

  4. I agree too...the pants were looking pathetic indeed...I appreciate your research on that...this effort of yours definitely literate the readers of the true fashion lines.