I've been out of touch for a lil while with the old bloggin'. It's funny, you can write whole paragraphs and stories about what you've been doing, where you've been and how you've been doin' it, only to find you backspace your entire articles purely because the funk you've put yourself in makes you feel like what you've got to say isn't overly valid! But, I've pulled myself from that, so expect more from me!
 photo Photoon8-06-13at1126PM2.jpg  photo Photoon8-06-13at1124PM4.jpg

Like always, shitty quality photos with half outfit shots before goin' out for a night on the town with Reece. I think I'm wearin' an old Metallica singlet, rubber jeans and my S.E.X choker. Effective but not at all practical. Ha! We went out in Surfers to watch some new drag friends perform at Escape. Fuck they are so much fun!

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